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Model Ap 700

Most important information:

  • cutting machine model AP-700,

  • precise scope of cutting between 0.7 and 60 mm,

  • transportation wheels,

  • high quality surgical steel knife,

  • protection cutting power during overload,

  • equipment made of stainless steel,

  • new technology, exploitation reliable machine,

  • easy to handle,

  • highest HACCP hygienic standard and technical support by AP POLAND.

Net price: 10 824 GBP


Machine is one of key devices used in production and cutting herbs, tobacco leaves, tea, etc. Machine is built on basis of Japanese machines used in pharmacy. It’s adjusted to cutting herbs and other leaves. Machine blade mounted above moves up and down and cuts leaves on equal stripes. Machine in comparison with others have many virtues like: precise dimensions and efficient cutting of products. End product is 5-8% better than products made in other machines of this type. Moreover, exploitation and maintenance costs are very low. Cutting efficiency primarily depends on quality of cut raw material.


Warranty period is 12 months. Every warranty and after warranty repairs or after seasonal maintenance are done in our authorized service. Collection of device from customer during 24 working hours after notification on the basis of „Door to Door” service. In case of impossibility of fault removal in specified term we offer substitute device. (Company AP POLAND services only its own customers. Sale of parts is done by its service.)

 model  AP 700
 height 1,60 m
 width  1,30 m
 dept  1,65 m
 weight  650 kg
 efficiency kg/ h  163-700
efficiency of cutting 3 mm 700 kg / h
efficiency of cutting 0,7 mm about 170 kg / h
power 1500W
electronic characteristics 400V or 240V

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