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Model Ap ice-cream N8640W

Most important information:

  • reliable energy-efficient machine system work,

  • low exploitation costs,

  • production technology of such ice creams differs by low freezing temperature that we’ve reached by installing two high quality chillers.

  • production of ice cream in two flavors with possibility of mixing,

  • chilled ice mass containers,

  • highest HACCP hygienic standard,

  • stable and quite work of machine,

  • drill made of high-grade steel, material coated,

  • new technology in ice cream production,

  • wheels equipped in breaks that simplifies transport,

  • service and technical support by AP POLAND.

Net price: 7 430 GBP

Water cooling system

Machine is water-cooled. Thanks to use of modern cooling system machine reaches its full efficiency in range of outside temperature between +5 and +35 Celsius degrees. Water system is dedicated to customers that plans management of machine in sunlit, little breezy area, in neighborhood of other equipment that radiates heat and also to customers that don’t have large surface and want to e.g. build machine over countertop or bar furniture and also to customers that utterly wants to use 100% of machine efficiency and in every place that cannot use air-cooling machine. Cooling system of renowned Italian company Aspera, cooling factor 404a.

Electronic control

Equipment uses reliable Japanese electronics. Machine has regulation of ice cream hardness.


Control panel has function „clean”, after its activation and use of washing-disinfectant washes machine automatically executes washing cycle.

Efficiency / drill

2 x 326 ice creams per hour. Drills are made of steel construction and are coated with material of 340 mm length and 85 mm diameter. Capacity of cylinder is about 2.3 liter.

Ice mass tanks 2 * 10.0 liter

Minimum amount of mass that needs to be inside tank is 2 x 3 liter.

Power supply AC 400V 3800W


Warranty repairs – 12 months. There is possibility to buy package for another 24 month – 3 YEAR WARRANTY.

Every warranty and after warranty repairs or after seasonal maintenance are done in our authorized service. Collection of device from customer during 24 working hours after fault notification. In case of impossibility of fault removal in specified term we offer substitute device.

 model  AP ice-cream N8640W
 height  155 cm
 width  60 cm
 dept  68 cm
 weight  250 kg
 efficiency ice creams/ h  2x 326 pieces (60 g)
 condensation/cooling  air/water
 electronic characteristics  400V
 number of chambers  2
 capacity  10 + 10 liter
 temperature range  0,5 °C
 mix feeding  gravitation
 number of flavors  2 + mix

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