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Roll thai ice cream machine AP 2218

Most important information:

  • reliable energy-efficient machine system work,

  • equipment made of stainless steel,

  • two cooling systems: one for a plate and second for containers,

  • two special putty knife for shredding and rolling,

  • containers for ingredients x 6,

  • defrost button,

  • highest HACCP hygienic standard,

  • stable and quite work of machine,

  • new technology in ice cream production,

  • wheels equipped in breaks that simplifies transport,

  • service and technical support by AP POLAND.

Net price: 2 650 GBP

Roll thai ice cream

This way of ice cream preparing comes from Thailand. What is unique and spectacular in that kind of ice creams is the fact, that a customer can see how it is made from the begining. It consists in pouring the earlier prepared mixture onto the cooled plate and adding, spreading and chopping the fruit or sweets. After the preparing, frozen rolls are formed. The tase of this ice cream is more distinct than a classic ice cream’s. This is because it is not over frost. A base to ice cream production are the highest quality products which do not cantain harmful, chemical additives. The Roll thai ice creams are children- and adult- oriented. The unquestionable adventage is adding fresh, natural and healthy ingredients.

 model  AP ice-cream 2218
 height  90 cm
 width  103 cm
 dept  59 cm
 weight  100 kg
 diameter of the plate 45 cm
 condensation/cooling  air
 electronic characteristics  230V 50/60Hz
 number of containers  6
 temperature of frozing  -45 °C

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